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Regular servicing and maintenance helps to ensure your AGA Rayburn runs at maximum efficiency and will reduce the chance of  breakdown.


Oil appliances should be serviced at 6 monthly intervals and gas or solid fuel at 12 monthly intervals.


Restoration and Refurbishment


Any enamelled parts can be sent to a local company to be restored and re-enamelled to any colour you wish.


Many of the older appliances can also be rebuilt to accept a different fuel.




AGAs are assembled on site from individual parts whereas Rayburns are installed as one unit.
An engineer experienced in building AGAs  ensures a safe and efficient installation.
It takes two engineers 1 day to build an AGA. I can install one that you have purchased elsewhere or have brought with you when you moved house.




I have a stock of pre-loved AGAs and Rayburns, various models and fuels, for sale at reasonable prices that are restored to a very high standard.


I am interested in purchasing AGAs and Rayburns and will give you a fair price  depending on the model and condition.


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